Saturday, February 27, 2010

2nd XPDC

our 2nd expedition went on today as planned. however, since we each have other personal commitments, we could only cover 4 masjids. here they are:

1. An Nur... located at Admiralty Road, was bustling with people. lots of people! almost gave us cold feet. they were sitting on rows and rows of seat. i assume that they are parents waiting for their children to finish madrasah classes.

2. Al Iman... located at Bukit Panjang Ring Road, has a rather 'open' concept. it si a community friendly masjid with amenities like a lift. there's even a wedding dias (aka pelamin) at the side of the main prayer hall. while taking photos, we were approached by Bro Jaleel and had a short yet insightful conversation about masjids in singapore. did you know that masjid are now grouped into clusters? you know! ;)

3. Al Khair... located at Teck Whye Crescent. i love the big dome of the masjid. gives it a traditional look. a lot of masjids now have a more 'modern' architecture without the dome. some don't even have the crescent and star.

4. Ar Raudhah... located at Bukit Batok East Ave 2, is like modern art. there's lots of islamic geometric motifs in the architectural design on the masjid. there's even an islamic library. how cool is that?! Xtremely cool, if you asked me. ;) however, it can be quite confusing looking for the ladies' prayer hall coz of the various passage ways.

it's rather quick but our next expedition will be held NEXT WEEK! 6th of March 2010! woohoo! so stay tuned for more pictures and short write-up about each masjid in sg. =)

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